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Saturday, September 03, 2005

what a bigoted retard...

it seems that the esteemed and ever so talented Kayne West ("kayne"??) is not happy about the way the denizens of New Orleans are being handled in the wake of the hurricane. in THIS story, he had the nerve to say that "...Bush doesn't care about black people..." before being cut off (thankfully).
OK, it's New Orleans. Yes, there's a high black population but let's remind mister "talent" about something....the storm hit EVERYONE! It didn't discriminate and neither do the rescuers.
You pompus, prejudice dare you suggest that the relief efforts aren't going well enough because SOMEHOW the president doesn't like black people. If anything it's those same "honorable" individuals that are taking advantage of the situation and commiting murders, rapes and thefts. If it were up to me, I'd remind everyone how we warned them to leave and then tell them "you were don't DESERVE any help" and it wouldn't have a DAMN thing to do with color.
it's amazing how someone can use prejudice to hide their own. he should be banned from any decent radio station. if not for his comments or lack of good sense, then for his lack of tact.


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