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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday and Watch your heads

Well well. What's transpired on the way to this national birthday?

You had over a dozen young girls get themselves pregnant in a single town. For attention? For noteriety? Who knows. The fact that one allegedly screwed a homeless guy to get there just goes to show the uncles were busy that day apparently. These little snowflakes got some of that fame and a few were interviewed by people who were busy asking them what "caused" them to do it. Was it mini-Brittney who inspired them? Was it "Juno"?
Hmm...could it simply be that these collective slam pigs just had nothing else to do so they followed along with the trend of "oh well, guess I'll spit out some babies"? Ya, I'm going with the latter.

Speaking of slam pigs, the "little girl" Brooke Bennett, who was missing under the gloom of her step dad and uncle being picked up for unrelated sexual charges with other minors was found burried about a mile from the uncle's house. Wow, who was on this case? Boulder police? I could see that coming a mile away. Didn't see them being helped by a fellow target though. That's a twist.
What I also saw a mile away was the My Space like photos of the "little girl" in the beginning of the news story slowly change to school and "formal" pictures. I also saw the "little girl" on a surveillence tape, dressed like an off duty stripper. Lastly, there's been mention of a boyfriend. Uhm, she's 12!!! (actually she WAS 12). Where were the parents when their little snowflake set up a my space page and started shopping in the junior thong section? Where were the parents when the even let these two guys NEAR her? You mean to tell me they didn't know? ya right.

On a side note, Barrack Hussein Obama was in my town yesterday...trying to fill hollow heads with equally hollow promises. I thought I smelled something in the air. Who's going to pay for all this "change" he keeps promising? You and I are...well, at least me.
But maybe that was the smell of freshly stewed bullshit from Denver, where some asshat decided to replace the National Anthem at the last minute with the "black national anthem". What kind of asshole decided to let this woman sing without doing a little background check? No one knew her political affiliations? No one realized they had a black panther grandma on their hands? Come on!
But then again, the demo-brats are getting the BS machine warmed up in preperation for the convention here and you wouldn't believe how "green" they're trying to get it. So much so, that they've let the world see what they have planned for us all if they win. It's pathetic enough to not be funny and down right scary when you think of it. THIS is what they want for us all.



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