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Thursday, September 18, 2008

what scares me...

You want to hear what scares me?
With all the talk I've done on here (and most of it is rather "opinionated" and rightly so) I've neglected to mention what frightens me. What chills my blood. What keeps me up at night.

Let's knock some of these fears out in a good "air your laundry", kumbaya sort of way shall we?


It scares me because when all is said and done, this hollow shell of an icon will probably be president. He will win in this politically correct, race fearing, make everyone happy all of the time atmosphere we live in today he can't possibly lose. If he DID lose (oh happy day) then everyone would cry foul and say he didn't win because he's black. Why not? "...Cause he's black" seems to be the default answer for ANYTHING that doesn't go someone's way if that person happens to be black...why should the presidency be any different? They planned this out and, due to the above mentioned attitude, they timed it perfectly. The GOP could win by a landslide and it wouldn't matter...cuz he's black. He could be caught in a major controversy right before the election and it won't matter...cuz he's black. So in the end the democratic party finally got the race card ride they always wanted.
The only thing scarier than him winning is him losing.
The riots in the streets when a known criminal was roughed up by some cops in L.A. will be nothing compared to what will transpire when he loses. The over reaction will be historical. The democrats never lose because voters don't agree with them you see...they lose because someone did SOMETHING that caused them to not win (see the irony here?).
And heaven forbid someting happens to him when he's in office...lightning strike, meteor hits him in the ear...whatever! It will all be about him being black.
I bet Hillary is happy she isn't the vice now huh? They'd blame her faster than Oprah on a trend.
What also scares me is that the Boulder police, still writhing on the hook that was Jon Bennet, is apparently teaching the Florida police how to handle the Casey issue down there.
When did the practice of bullsh1t pass for information in a CLEAR homicide case? Why are grandma and grandpa not in the cell next to her? Did you see him react when a reporter asked a logical question? "Do you think she died accidently and your daughter is covering it up out of fear?" He almost lost his botox and mess up that perfect silver doo. I think we touched a nerve, but more importantly I think his reaction says "I know more than you think".
Could we get some real cops to step in please?
Lastly, the Wall Street fiasco...what scares me about that (as a new home owner?) LITTLE people know about wall street and the goings on there. They take what the news tells them as gospel and act like this is such a nightmare. The speculators (who learned their place the moment they became targeted by the candidates) are happy to do their jobs when it comes to that! They'll help feed the panic and get on the news as quickly as they can.
Did you notice how the price dropped and the speculators backed off and even the towel heads offered more "deals" as soon as anyone said "drill here, drill NOW"? I think we touched a nerve...again.



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