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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I AM A RACIST...but not for the reason you think

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, goblins and ghouls...I have an announcement;

I am a racist.

But not for the reasons you'd think. According to some of the drones on the left I'm a racist because I question whether or not Barrack Hussein Obama is fit to be president. Quite a shield huh?

I've said it before and I'll say it again; the left timed this PERFECTLY. They bought themselves someone to run when the country was trapped in this PC nightmare and we wouldn't be allowed to scrutinize him. AND if we did, we'd be called a racist or bigot.

It's amazing. No one on the left ever loses because their views were just SO fuckered up that everyone just said "oh hell no". Nope. It's all because we're racists.

What's worse is that if he loses (and I pray to the dark gods of the universe that he WILL lose) they'll just be ratified in their conviction that we ARE racists.

Well then let's blow the PC and the LEFT right out of the water and be what they say: I AM A RACIST.

Lastly kids, I've been asked if I've voted already. NO. NO. NO. I will not do "early voting". It's early voting that lets little problems grow in to big problems. Just like ACORNS to trees ;)

Election day is 4 November according to the Constitution of the United States. Period. End of story. If someone tries to say it's to "keep the lines down" I kick them in the jugular as quickly and as hard as I can. It's that sort of need for convenience that has ruined this country and reduced us all to fleshy, walking, mental zits with the attention span of a dyslexic humming bird. I will vote when I'm SUPPOSED to vote. And if I have to stand in line for hours to do it, all I can say is...THANK YOU FOR THE CHANCE AND RIGHT TO DO SO.

After all this is over, I'd like to round up all the polling whores and dunk them all in a vat of the same bull shit they took the time to sling around during all this.

Jeez, can't wait till it's over.

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