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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Since I'm sure our ability to say such things will soon be at an end, I'm just going to say what I want to say while I can.
Well, the 44th president of the (former) United States will be Barrak HUSSEIN Obama. Nicely done drones, you fell for it. You fell for one of the biggest lies and BS jobs this country has ever seen. You never waivered in your blind ambition to send some sort of message to the rest of the world that we will take it in the ass from this moment on. You allowed a man who can't even get a security clearance to become the president of what was ONCE the most powerful nation on the planet.
I, as I'm sure others do, pledge now to be ready with a warm cup of "I told you so" when the truth about this fascist come to light. When he bends you all over (along with the rest of us) to thank you for putting him in power. President HUSSEIN (and I will NEVER call him the Commander in Chief) will drive this country in to the ground....and we have YOU to thank for it.
Don't get too comfy with President HUSSEIN though. I get the feeling that our street riots are still pending and you'll eventually end up with President Bidden ;) I'm not advocating it but if it does happen, I'll be the one standing on my porch, protecting what's mine, with a 12 gauge at the ready.
Thanks again fuck heads.

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