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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the end of the african american

Well kids, another holiday season has come and gone. Wasn't too bad. Played too much Rock Band 2 with the kids while they visited from school, ate way too much (who didn't) and all in all had a good time. Installed a slingbox. If you don't know what it is, you're a retard and you should look it up. Damned hermits.
That being said, I'm so happy to see the end of the african american. Yup, slowly but ever so certainly people are no longer using the silly, policitally correct phrase to describe a black person. I've even heard (can you believe it?) the term black used to describe a black person...on the news! And it wasn't even a police blotter report. That was full of mexicans anyway.
Dum dum duuuuuuuuuum!!!!!!!
(end cheesy drama music)
Perhaps it's a sign of things to come. Perhaps it's symbolic of the people of this nation finally having it up to HERE (holds hands above head) with all the silly phrases that are invented simply to make ourselves more comfortable with a situation.
We'll see...
And now on the other news....well, actually after checking the local media whore channels I see that their worship has no bounds and ALL news somehow relates to the president select Hussein. No surprise there.
The rest seems to be slightly related to the financial "crisis". I don't give a damn about it until they say what they're going to do for the other 90 percent who HAVE BEEN paying their bills on time. This is called natural selection. It works in the natural world and apparently in the financial one too.
Those of you in Kansas may want to consult google if you're lost.
We'll see what happens when the gas prices start coming back up, the middle east gets uglier (by the way...nice job Jerusalem! Kick their ass!) and people realize that water is still not wine.


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