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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The honeymoon's over Hussein

Well, President B. Hussein Obama is in office. Finally. Now that the honeymoon's (hopefully) over maybe we can see what this guys is made of. I love hearning people say "give him a chance". We don't have much choice now do we?
While we're at it, let's acknowledge that apparently it's ok to say his middle name again. The world didn't explode yesterday when it was said...thank goodness. I was a little worried.
I am a bit concerned that I haven't gotten my check yet. I figured the day he took office I'd have my national welfare check in the mailbox already. Must not have been his fault though. After all, we can't scruitinze President Hussein Obama so it HAS to be someone else's fault. Perhaps Chaney. Who knows.
I'll keep an eye on the mailbox and give him a chance I guess.
Man, some circus is happy to get their tent back. What a joke the inigguration was. And it went on FOR-EV-ER! Hard to believe this is the same crowd who complained about Predient Bush's cost for his parties. Pathetic.
The only thing I'm looking forward to more than saying "I told you so" when he screws things up is watching the media turn on him. Should be fun. Any time anyone isn't FOR him the media is quick to make sure that person gets labeled a racist. Wonder what will happen when THEY do it. Should be fun.
And, based on the previous observation, it's time to take the label of racist proudly. Since it's the most convenient label they've got (no one would accept that would they?) I guess it's time to push our collective luck and just announce "I AM A RACIST" and get it out of the way.
Gonna be a fun year, yup. Sure it.

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