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Monday, May 04, 2009

100 Days are perfect

Such an arbitrary measurement and timeline but it's perfect. It's perfect for the arbitrary nature of our current president. The only thing I've seen is that in 100 measly days, he's (a) done damage that it will take the next TWO presidents to fix, and (b) he's managed to buy his re election. Keep in mind kids, I called it a year before he bought this last one so I'm officially calling this one now. Keep in mind...load up on barf bags an ammo.
In the meantime we are still subjected to the latest drop to your knees and open wide approach to news worship. I'm really looking forward to the epiphany the news will hopefully have. Should be explosive.
Government in general has just forgotten who they work for. If you remember then you were more than likely at one of the recent tea parties. I would have participated but had to work. Shame. I'd have had some great signs ;)
Play nice kids, and if you can't...hide the bodies. CSI is on the prowl.



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