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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rememberance NOT service you prick

So it appears the terrorist and chief has decided that instead of remembering and honoring the fallen on September 11th we should go hug and plant a tree, or pick up trash or some other retarded "service" in their honor. You know, so that this way the part about honoring the fallen becomes less and less important. Nice.
You prick. Where were YOU that day? Cashing your check from your handlers so that you can pay Acorn to get you elected? Hiding in a mosque and planning your takeover of America?
How about this? If you're so "driven" to serve your it all the time. Make it your "thing" to hump a tree and save a spotted owl or something. In the meantime, while you guys are keeping the area squeaky clean, WE will remember the fallen and let them fuel our collective contempt for you and your handlers?
Yeah, I like that better.
To Joel go boy! Let your gut drive you and you'll ALWAYS speak the truth. The only REAL sin is REGRET, and even though the GOP had you make nice nice with President Heussein we know where your heart is and we commend you for it.
To How-weird Stern who decided to hide behind the "black guy" flag and claim that anyone who doesn't agree with Obama is doing so because he's've finally proven yourself an idiot. That's the lamest dodge of an issue a loser can use. Speaking of which; you, the Dixie chicks,'re trained monkeys. You're a temporary distraction at best. Shut the f*ck up and entertain us. Get overpaid for it and shut the hell up. And if you want to claim "hey, I have an opinion too and I'm allowed to say it" just remember that you're an umbrella in my drink. Save that crap for when you're forgotten and discarded and you need attention.
And remember kids, those same people who used to tell you that you should never fall for a hard sell ("i have someone coming to look at this in an hour, so...") are the same people telling you we should all bow down collectively and kiss Obama's ass now.
I. Don't. Think. So.
Some of us have a nasty habit of thinking for ourselves and didn't get our votes purchased by your cash for votes programs that you've forced us to pay for.
Your time is coming. Hopefully, soon, we'll know who your handlers are and the light will be brought upon your plans.


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