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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Well well, isn't that rich...

someone FINALLY called a spade a spade. In the recent Catholic school teacher sex scandal, a female teacher is accused of having sex with four DIFFERENT male (underage) students.
Now, we ALL know if this had been a male, he'd have been lynched by now (no questions asked the estrogenical nazis that run "those" games and cases), but they never seem to use the same "fair" terms when the genders are reversed...

...until now...

this morning while watching FOXNews, they called it what it was...RAPE. They used the term over and over again and FINALLY treated it as an adult in a postition of trust having sex with a minor (a serial rapist, if you want to get technical)

ah, don't you just love equal rights for women? :)


Monday, August 01, 2005

Hypocrit or victim of P.C?

How's THIS for stupid. The London police, who have been doing GREAT at rounding up some of the Islamikazi scumbags in their fine town, now have to "remove their shoes [before raiding terror suspects] out of respect..."
Am I the only one who finds such "courtesy" extended to people with no respect for life to be silly? Am I the only one who thinks doing stuff like this shows these scumbags that we're more worried about offending someone that getting the job done??
I say, wear shoes, step on some pig blood on the way in and bring a steaming bag of dog shit with you! Then, aim for their children first. The last thing you want is another zealot being raised by their "trainers". Don't do them all though. No. Save the smallest one to use as..."incentive" when it's time to questions mommy [slave] and daddy [puppet]. Don't forget to wipe the bottom of your shoes on the way out though...with the Koran!
Ah, don't we all feel better now? I know I do