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Monday, January 15, 2007

Mexico...the sequel

Boys and girls in interweb land, I must tell you that I had some question where the hell I was living a bit ago.

It started at the local YMCA where I work out and swim. You know the YMCA, pillar of American tradition, tenant of modern America? Well, while I was walking around the track during my after workout cooldown I happened to have glanced down through the glass and peer in to one of the open activity rooms. What I saw there didn't make sense to me. Some people dancing about, mostly in circles, holding imaginary skirts (the girls anyway) while the guys pranced with hands behind their backs (like they were wearing handcuffs perhaps?). On my second lap I noticed one of the "dancers" was draped in a mexican flag.

WTF? (I said to myself) Did I just see mexicans learning to dance...mexican?
I resolved myself to finish my remaining two laps, change and ask someone at the front counter.

"Since it's the community room, someone just reserved it to teach mexican dance" the little fellow says to me over the counter (all the while wearing a confused look on his face, like I was wrong for inquiring)

I said the first thing that came to mind and the only thing that seemed appropriate at the time to react with (and I said it LOUDLY)

"Shouldn't they be teaching ENGLISH instead? Will dancing help them get more welfare or something??"

The little human simply giggled, not knowing if I was serious. The fact that I didn't join in may have clued him in to it, just before I walked off in disgust.

Then, the next day I run across a story about an AMERICAN pizza chain (Pizza Patrón to be exact) that has been receiving threats and angry messages ever since they started advertising that they will ACCEPT PESOS AS PAYMENT. The threats sound justified to me (I made sure to leave them a message conveying just that on their guest board).

Now remind me kids...we ARE in the USA right? Did I miss a memo or something? Did we just decide that having to learn the language of the country you decide to migrate, move (or break in to) wasn't neccessary any more? How can any LEGAL immigrant integrate properly if they don't even NEED to learn the language (much less change currency?)

It was a creepy moment and the creeps just keep on comin...

The best part about it all was that while I was trying to find Pizza Patron's web site to leave them a piece of my mind, I ran across the image above AND had to share it. I also saw a cool tshirt: "Undocumented Worker; so if I break in to your house, does that make me an unplanned houseguest?" Genius.

Print it out, put it on your cars and homes...see if you can offend someone in to some genuine dialog about it all. At best, piss off a libtard or two.


Friday, January 05, 2007

PETA sucks...and HERE'S proof!!

I ran across this story today and couldn't believe the IRONY of what I was reading. At the risk of pladurizing, I'm going to post THIS link and copy the story here (because they just put it SO well).

Colorado Governor: PETA “A Bunch Of Losers,” “Frauds”
As many as 340,000 cows and steers have been left stranded by southeastern Colorado's most recent snowstorm, and National Guard units are helping ranchers in a frantic bid to save the freezing animals. Faced with 15-foot snowdrifts, rescuers are airlifting bales of hay and hoping for the best. But as Coloradans are learning, the wealthy People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) isn't about to lift a finger. Not forthose animals -- the ones destined to be flame-broiled, grilled, or roasted. Appearing on Denver radio station KRFX yesterday morning, Colorado Governor Bill Owens spoke for all of us. PETA, he declared, are "a bunch of losers" [click to listen] and "frauds" [click to listen].
The dustup started when KRFX morning hosts Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax (yes, that's his real name) called PETA to ask if the group would help feed and rescue the snowbound herds. PETA spokeswoman Reannon Peterson took the call, and bluntly replied: "You're going to save them, and then in six months they're going to be killed and end up on someone's plate. So I don't know that it's really the most noble cause." [click to listen].
Peterson added that wild animals caught in the blizzard's wake -- the same animals PETA routinely criticizes hunters for bagging -- also weren't worth spending PETA's money to save. "It's an act of God," she said. "There's really nothing to be done" [click to listen].
Enter Governor Owens. In addition to labeling PETA "losers" and "frauds," he expressed amazement that "PETA doesn't want us to feed freezing cattle" [click to listen] and stated that "it's symbolic of what PETA stands for" [click to listen]. Finally, Owens declared that PETA is "a strange group of people. Don't send money to PETA" [click to listen]. Asked a few hours later by KRFX sister-station KOA-AM to reiterate his position on PETA, he put it plainly: "What a bunch of losers. Don't give your money to PETA." [click to listen].
We couldn't agree more. As we're telling the media today, the Colorado snowstorm is exactly the kind of emergency that should send PETA into action. But PETA -- whose president publicly wished for a foot-and-mouth epidemic in 2001 -- has a stubborn anti-meat bias. To this group of tofu-devouring loonies, seeing the livelihood of cattle ranchers evaporate is a cheap thrill. This may also be the reason why the vegetarian-oriented Humane Society of the United States isn't spending any of the $145 million it raised last year on Colorado helicopter rentals and hay bales.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

An end to the holidays...for now

Well it's all over for now kids. XMas and New Years have passed and any mistakes you made during that time frame should only haunt you for about 10 more months (unless of course you had a more "memorable" new years eve, in which case your particular haunting will last until that rash clears up or the child support wears out.)
The demobrats are poised to take their "position" in the house and senate (and I use the term loosely) and we'll see if they can put up or shut up. Naturally, they're pushing all sorts of ideas in the hopes that keeping people dependent on the government will keep them all working. Watch for updates in this section as we move on.)
In the meantime, it looks like Saddam will finally be able to start that man-on-man love relationship with Satan, now that his hanging has finally gone down. Naturally, some people out there had a problem with everything concerning this.
"He was taunted", "they rushed to do it", "how could video of this possibly get on the web so quickly", blah blah blah. Let's not forget who we're talking about kids. This particular scum bag got the mercy he denied so many even to the last. In the VERY END some of those fortunate enough to watch his execution first hand decided to remind him that he's NOT a hero and it will take some effort to make a martyr of him.
I say they're lucky it wasn't done here, or it would have been messier and more fun. Eh, who am I kidding. If they had done it here, he would have been offered a chance to get out of it or go back to school, or worse...therapy. No wonder the rest of the world thinks we're pussies.