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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

global warming?

Looks like the East coast is getting pounded by snow. So where's the global warming everyone is talking about? I'm sure there are people in Boston right now begging for some.
I have yet to receive a USEFUL reply from support concerning my empty comment field (and the lack there of) so I'm going to try something different. I'm going to revert to my original template to see what happens. Will I loose all my entries? Will the template be the only thing to change? Who knows. Well, actually, I will in a little bit.
After all, there's no sense in blogging if I can't read what people might think about my comments. There in lies the power of the blog my friends: to entice comment and thought of your opinions. If you can't defend your positions on things, perhaps you should question if you really believe them or if you've been brainwashed by someone.
So, in the end, we shall see.

see you soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


...Recently on a local talk radio show here locally, the host asked "what annoys you". I just HAD to call in and put in my two cents, but I thought I'd share some of that with you. So here is a list of some of what annoys me:
  • Girls who get "slam tatts" (right over their rear end) and then wonder why people approach them the way they do.
  • Guys who think a spoiler on their "rice mobile" make them cooler.
  • "Ricers" in general.
  • People who wait until the last minute to cut across an entire highway and try to get off (plan your moves people)
  • People who think they have the RIGHT to not be offended.
  • Political Correctness in general
  • The fact that I can make a web page for anyone else but I can't come up with one of my own.
  • People who make idle threats in chat rooms when they're discovered as the asses they are.

Well, that's enough for now. If I go on any more I'll get off on a rant, and we don't need any more of that ;)



Thursday, January 20, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the batcave...

...well, today was the Presidential innaguration. Ah, what fun. Good to see the C&C back in the box. Naturally, the nut jobs are hard about protesting (about the issue de jour) and will be an ushappy as ever today. Ah, glory. I love to watch them wriggle and squirm about. They talk about unification and uniting the country while at the same time protesting and whinning about anything every chance they get. It would be sad if it wasn't so funny ;)
In the meantime, it's an unusually beautiful day here. Unseasonably warm and cozy. Man, I can't wait until summer :D I despise winter, unless I'm hunting. The closer to 80 (or above) it gets the happier this little camper is.
Still haven't heard back much about my comment field not working. No change. Grrrr....I'd like to get some feed back to at least know someone's reading this stuff besides me. I think I've tried just about everything, but so Dang it!
Oh well, life treads on...ttyl.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Tsunami on TV and off...

well, the shit storm that hit CBS with their false documents is creating quite a tsunami on tv on its own. Seems that everyone else gets to take the fall for Mr. Rather (rather than taking some heat himself...pun intended). I haven't taken CBS seriously for a looong time, and now even less so. I just think it's funny that even with the very news station that reported the story saying it was bogus, some of the left wing liberals are still going hard at it saying that the republicans were responsible for it all. That to me says that it's never about the facts for them, it's all about their hate and personal vendettas. Sad really. They lost, let's all move on (and YES I'd be saying that if President Bush had lost too!)
Meanwhile, select little plots of dirt some would consider a country are busy calling us cheap...for whatever reason. So naturally, our indiginous collection of human fungi are just jumping on that band wagon. They're always looking for a reason to fuel their hate and resent. If they were to funnel and focus that energy into fixing things rather than complaining, there would be much less to complain about I'm sure.
In the meantime, we'll always have someone to point at and laugh and say "what a putz" so long as they're around.
I'm curious. Do you think California will ban rain since they've had all the flooding and it actually affected them directly? I mean, that's what they do there right? If something bothers them, they ban it or make it illegal and it's all better, right? Surprised they haven't banned storms or forest fires yet. That's all they do there is ban things and make things "illegal" and sticktheir collective noses in to everyone's business, while at the same time touting the banner of tolerance and acceptance and political correctness. How can they even do that? They speak from one side of their face and act from the other. Sickens me to no end. Perhaps that's why I will never live there if I can at all help it. I'd have to be on the run from the authorities to do that, and I'd just as soon leave the country LOL.
That's enough for now. TTYL


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

back to "normal"?

So, the holidays are over, the roads are congested in the mornings, most of the elite are back in school. Ergo: things are returning to their "normal" state of being...whatever THAT is.
The tsunami is still making headlines. I'm waiting for someone to ban waves or something. These things have happened in that part of the world for centuries and NOW they're a problem. Fascinating creatures that we are, we think that in our arrogance we can do something about it. Yup, we can: Move farther away from the water. What's that you say? Humans have always congregated near water? Yup. And humans have always had to deal with floods and tidal waves and other nightmares? Yup. But in the instant news world we live in today, it was a fleeting thought to think that people would simply say "wow, that was horrible...let's help" and call it even. Now we've got people placing blame on everything from secret weather control satellites to global warming (another farce). Amazing.
So in the end, things are back to "normal".