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Monday, June 23, 2008

we'll miss ya George

So long George. Your started off just being goofy enough to get everyone's attention and when you had tried your damndest to make us all think and wake up and laugh at the same time. No small feat, by any means. I'm sure the E Hollywood story trying to tear you to shreds will be out by the end of the week, but it doesn't matter. Not to those of us who have actually stopped laughing long enough to LISTEN to what you were trying to say. Another of your kind won't be around for a long time, and rightly so. Have fun bro.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do Not Attempt and Show some respect

So correct me if I'm wrong (actually don't. I don't care if you agree with me. That's the magic of having an opinion!) but I keep catching people refering to our current PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES like he was some Army private...calling him by last name like he's a subordinate! It burns the little curly hairs on my ass when I hear someone call the CNC (that's commander and chief for you liberals) as "bush".

I don't care who's in office (and yes, when Obama wins thanks to the libs, I'll call him the President!) he is the President. The CnC! When I hear a news talking head calling him "bush" I get steamed. It's PRESIDENT BUSH you retards! SHOW SOME RESPECT! We're not talking about some whiny grudge band or an object or even his father (who is, by the way, FORMER PRESIDENT BUSH!). Like him or not, he is your president and you should show him the same respect you will expect and DEMAND when the grand eagle of the seal is replaced with fried chicken!

Now, on to the lawyer defended and stupid trend of showing everything on television commercials with the little words at the bottom of the screen that say "DO NOT ATTEMPT".

Have we been reduced to the waiting prey of the lawyers who are slathering around marketing offices telling people "if you don't do this, some retard will try it and sue us".

What ever happened to personal accountability? Why hasn't some judge pulled the presenting attorney aside and said "for bringing this frivilous lawsuit to my court, I'm going to fine your firm one million dollars" to send a message to the other leaches out there to not even take these cases? The only honest one I've seen so far says "Do not attempt. Professional idiots".
And if someone hurts themselves trying something they know is dumb and saw in a movie (*cough*jackass*cough*) then they shouldn't be able to use STUPID as a defense!
That pretty much sums it up.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Experts or Vultures?

You know what's funny? That the "experts" riddling the news today come out to tell us all how flawed we all are and how there's a lack of "community" or personal responsibility in today's society and that's why a Hartford man was able to get hit by two cars in broad day light and no one helped him.
Hey, egghead...or rather VULTURE! about this scenerio? Try to stick with me here homie...
How about that when people actually DO help their fellow citizens there's always some scummy lawyer trying to find someone to sue before his Porche payment is due? I remember some little girl having an athzma attack on a school bus. She's ready to die and a fellow bus rider says "ah ha! I have athzma and I know what I do to fix it!" and gives this girl some of her breathalizer to help her...and then gets suspended because of the "zero tolerance" policy that says she was "distributing drugs". What exactly did that little girl learn you ask? She learned the hard lesson that we'll get to in a min...
Or I recall in the deep, dark and kinky recesses of my mind of some man giving someone who was choking a Heimlich maneuver and saving the persons life...only to be sued because he broke a rib of hers in the process.
What's that lesson kids? "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED"
And thank the Mexifornian, zero tolerance, nanny state asshats for that little lessons.
And I can't believe someone had the nerve to use the term personal responsibility when fucktards can sue McDonalds for "making" them fat.
Kids, it happened in an inner city and it makes's sad and it sucks...we can ALL agree on that. But that being said, I don't begrudge the people who were too SCARED to react to the incident. If they helped, they might be the target of some CSI happy zealot who's looking for some prints to pin this on. Or maybe, if they just jumped out while humming the theme to Mighty Mouse...someone might think THEY did this somehow (then hid the car in their pocket).
Instead of chastising these bystanders (which they were by definition), why not lay off the legal noose that our laws have become so that Samaritans can't be held liable for TRYING to help!?
All my first aid training tells me that the worst thing they could have done was try to move this guy...treat him for shock and injury right there on the spot while others try to stop traffic. But considering NO ONE stopped driving by, they would have thought to move him to the sidewalk. That being said, IF he survived and someone moved him and the surgeon says "he would still be able to walk if he wasn't moved"...well, that's just a feeding call for the lawyers isn't it. Blood in the water so to speak.
The media vultures love stuff like this. News that makes us all seem like uncaring bastards while the "elite" pass judgement and wag their fingers at us. Those of us in the real world know better, though we would rather not.
Let's not forget that there's always that "someone else will take care of it" mentality that we've all been taught (thanks Democrats). But the opposite of this isn't healthy either in case you hadn't noticed. We can all remember some case where a parent is FINALLY smacking the crap out of their obnoxious kid in the supermarket, only to be ARRESTED later for "abuse".
And lastly the whole idea of "watching your own ass" has to come in to play. A few of the scenarios listed above cover that area, but you've got to get sick by the "expert" who actually pulled the excuse "...they didn't help because there was nothing in it for them..." scenario out of her ass. Hey rag lady! Stay the hell out of our neighborhoods obviously have no idea what real life is like from your ivory pedestal.

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