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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Is it me or is Flori-duh becoming the haven for the stupid, the depraved and the moronic? Not everyone there mind you, that would be too easy. But that state has been in the news as of late with a LOT of real nut jobs...Apparently, this is NOT the place to have or take your little ones too, unless of course you have a really cool picture of them used on CNN during the manhunt.
I used to call Florida "god's waiting room" but it looks like it's become the nursery and hunting grounds too...So let's break the list down shall we?
  • can't vote
  • can't drive
  • can't keep an eye on their kids
  • can't keep the perverts out
  • can't keep the hurricanes out
Ok, the last one's a bit much, but you get the idea...DON'T GO THERE. Things must have changed since I was there in 89. I know it was boring as hell, and the economy sucked, but it wasn't THIS bad. Might have to cut it free (like California) when we get a chance. Apparently, between those two states alone, we've got a good percentage of the genetic wing nuts of the country..., if we can just do something about Texas ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Episode Three madness...

...well, everyone else is talking about it, so I might as well do it too. Tonight, midnight, marks the release of Star Wars Ep. III: Revenge of the Sith. I can sum up my feelings about this movie in a simple sentence:
I hope it doesn't suck.
I have no allegiance to the new Star Wars franchise. It's let me down twice now. First with Jar Jar, then with the teen age Anakin...I still can't get over how bad his acting was. I know it's a sci fi, but it was SO bad it distracted you from the entire scene. How many kids read for that part and THIS is the one they chose? Lucas letting his daughter choose cast members now?
Anyway, I loved the ORIGINAL three Star Wars movies (no, I won't call them 4, 5 and 6!) because for all their innovative special effects and wonderful costuming...IT STILL HAD A STORY! These past two disasters looked like a special effects budget gone horribly wrong. First, the SFX guys had a whack at making it, then the marketing slugs added whatever they could reprint or make in to a toy....THEN the story was added for color.
Look, this whole story line is old history to die hard Star Wars fans. We all know what happens, and how it ends. So why make a twinkie of a movie with more effects than story and expect the fans to ALL love it without question?
It's funny, the Pre and Post Star Wars fanatics are almost as bad and the pro and anti choice people when it comes to abortion. I've actually watched yelling matches break out when someone has the balls to say "Episode one and two sucked!". They're ready to draw blood, these new starbux sucking, Lucas neophites...Just goes to show you that they have no appreciation for the classics.
There are good things about the first two, but they're easily out weighed by all the bad, pointless and just plain stupid.
Well, I'll wait a month or more to go see this one just like I did the first two and see for myself if this one can redeem the new franchise.
Oh, and kids...spoilers don't mean shit when you know how it fucktards crack me up. "Don't spoil it for us!"...what are ya, new? Are you the only person on the planet who DOESN'T know what happens in this episode?


Monday, May 16, 2005

f*cking PETA demons...

I ran across a story on FOX about PETA slinking their cult like ways in to your kids classrooms. Yup, kids even in kindergarden are being targeted by the PETA cult with web sites like THIS that actually tell your kid that they should protest and get on the letter writing campaign and comparing their own lives to those of chickens!
It's disgusting, these PETA cult fuckwads and their I want you to do something for me kids...
Find PETA in any way you can; online, bumper stickers, tshirts, friends and family....and destroy it. Utterly and completely. If it's online; hack it. If it's a bumper sticker; key it (or replace it with some MEAT related sticker...see how long they take to notice it). If it's a tshirt; rip it from the very body of the cult victim wearing it with a rusty knife. And if it's friends and family who are in to this them from themselves and pummel them with chicken nuggets until they either die or wake up.
Fucking PETA scum...I have to find the local protest going on so I can run them over and save us all from their madness.
Sorry, I get worked up over them because if they find themselves so "evolved" that animals and the PETA members are one in the same then fine, but when they try to pass their cult philosophy on others including children...children for god's sake!...then they're scum and should be treated as such.
Now I know some of you libs are sitting there screaming "hate site! hate site!"
well you're right.
I hate PETA and you know what? I'm allowed to hate PETA and everything they stand for, just like they're allowed to peddle hate to kids over fucking chickens...they should all be castrated and neutered to avoid more of them in the future, or we should deep fry their hippy offsprings now and save ourselves the trouble.


CBS morons now working at NEWSWEEK?

Happy Monday boys and girls. It seems that some of the policy makers and ass kissers over at CBS may have been hired up and are now working hard at NEWSWEEK. Why would I say that you ask? Well, because a recent STORY from Newsweek may be responsible for up to 15 deaths, rioting and even MORE anti American sentiment over in Iraq. The real topper is that the story was "reported" but now they can't get their sources straight to confirm or deny it. Hmm, sound familiar? Would the "RATHER" retract it? Hell no! They'll be quick to leave a slime trail behind them and say "sorry, but retract it? Never.
The best part is that the whole story is about another one of our Governments "abuses" against our animal terrorist prisoners. Apparently, "...U.S. interrogators had desecrated the Qur'an while interrogating Muslim terror suspects..."
Say it with me kids....WTF???!!!
First; These animals chop the heads off our soldiers while we watch (and while they let other national soldiers go home mind you) and THIS is what Newsweek decides will pass for supportive journalism during a time of war?? Newsweek should be burned to the ground and it's editors and reports responsible should be charged with treasonous action.
Secondly, and this one's important; SO? Our people are interrogating PRISONERS, TERRORIST PRISONERS at that. Maybe since our prisoners here have become such pussies we think all prisoners should have cable and free college, but some PRISONERS are still worth skinning alive so they suffer as much as possible.
And lastly; if "...desecrated the Qur'an..." is all it takes to work these fuckers up, then let's get a bonfire going and torch them and see what roaches come out of the woodwork both here AND in Iraq. Amazing that people who would snub their nose at the Qur'an would work so hard to assist the enemies of this country.
Find a copy of Nooseweek (in the store, doctors office, etc) and take it outside and trash it. Every chance you freakin get.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tongue Tied News...

...boys and girls, I've found a new place to hang out. "Tongue Tied" is a site dedicated to showing you just how STUPID and NUTTY politically correct wackos can get. Go there and learn how they're ruining this country then come back here and watch me bitch about the very people they're talking about :)

Have fun!


Thursday, May 05, 2005

signs of the end...from yesterdays past...

...I had a required class today concerning "Sexual Harassment". This topic has always cracked me up and the joke no one has ever been able to answer concerning it is this: "So, it's sexual harassment if they DON'T like it, but if you never do it, how would you know? And can they, in turn, feel left out or "discriminated" against because you WON'T tell dirty jokes around them?"
On a more serious note, this topic pisses me off. Sit a bunch of grown adults in a room (or worse...children) and tell them essentially that men are naughty and need to be reminded of that now and then by scaring the hell out of them, having them fired, and basically fucking with their lives...all because you pee sitting down and are easily offended.
What if I was "offended" by the training video about the whole topic? What if I felt myself "threatened" or "menaced" simply because all some chick has to do is ACCUSE me of it with no proof, but you'll fire me anyway for fear of litigation??
Never thought of that did ya?
Maybe THIS is where political correctness was born. Out of the oozing maws of some man hating NAG who decided that unsubstantiated is enough, when lawyers are involved. The video actually said it's "...anything that any reasonable person may find offensive..." Are they shitting me? How discriminatory is THAT comment!? So if I'm NOT offended, then I'm not a reasonable, mature person.
If I ever get tagged with a line like that at work, I'm tieing someone up and dropping them off at the nearest sex offender clinic...then maybe they'll learn what to be honestly offended about.
Sexual harassment is a waste of time, effort and resources...and considering how they're perverted the term sexual assault (pun INTENDED) that should go too. No, don't rename it to make us happy, just stop using it. If I bump in to someone the wrong way it's sexual ASSAULT...not it isn't! It's called an accident you liberal cock munchers! Quit giving people more reasons to hate their fellow man (yes, I said man...not "person"...fuck you if you can't handle your own sexual identity in the real world!)
And finally let's end with the "LIBERAL MANIFESTO" (don't know if that's what it's originally called, but I like it so I'll stick with it)

I have a lot of trouble keeping a job...
I can't add, spell, or speak very well...
And I have issues with pressure, criticism, and hard work...
My schools didn't believe in that stuff!
They thought those things might hurt our self-esteem!
I was part of the generation that got awards for showing up... For walking... for eating lunch... So, last time I got fired, I went back and talked to my old High-School principal. Now I feel better. She gave me this really cool "Getting Fired" award, and told me I was special.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Attention morons and AOL users...

...I remember running across THIS site a while back and thinking "this is a keeper!". When your resident moron/AOL user decides to forward you the latest urban legend claiming it's truth and merit it (usually by saying "I heard this was true"), tell them to SNOPE. Yup, would save them a lot of embarassment if they just checked it before they forwarded ANYTHING via email. Hell, I think you should go there before you GOOGLE anything to "find out for yourselves".
These guys are apparently on the ball and update constantly.
So remember kids, if you receive what seems like B.S., SNOPE it before you FORWARD it.


"Dirty" Cheerleaders??

What's the world coming too when cheerleaders can't be dirty?
OK, so I'm being sarcastic, but seriously...doesn't legistlature have better things to do? People say they want less intrusive government, but then they bring their local reps crap like this to argue about in their government offices. I say if you want smaller government, stop complaining to them and fix your problems yourselves.
And we won't even get started on the term "ladylike" being used to describe the actions of's just too easy.
"AUSTIN, Texas — After an alternately comic and fiery debate — punctuated by several lawmakers waving pompons — the state House on Tuesday approved a bill to restrict "overtly sexually suggestive" cheerleading to more ladylike performances."