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Friday, April 28, 2006

Day without Immigrants...ya right

Looks like the hollywoody types are getting behind the whole "Day without Immigrants" scheduled on 1 May. On this day (in theory) all the "workers" of the country are going to take the day off...and then expect to return on Tuesday to their jobs.
Personally speaking, and I am a manager of a business, if I had to endure that particular protest...I'd fire the person as a "no call/no show" and be done with it. They have no recourse and the only protection they'd receive is from the liberal and PC crowd...of which I'm NOT a part.
The rest of us "NATIVE" Americans can't take such a stand. WE have to protest on our own dime...why can't they? They want to benefit from our laws but not be subject to them. GO HOME. Now!
Now, that being said and as you've read before, I'm of Spanish don't even try to claim bigotry. Now, let's say THIS and make it completely clear; I'm most certainly BIASED against CRIMINALS who are HERE ILLEGALLY and benefitting from the liberal jelly fish who always seem to land themselves in charge.
"Calling us criminals is offensive..." some of the Mexifornians might say. Guess what. I've said it before and I'll say it again (as so many others have): if you came here LEGALLY, this doesn't apply to you. If you came here ILLEGALLY (that is, you didn't cross our national border through proper channels and apply and RECEIVE citizenship or at least a WORK VISA) then you are indeed a criminal.
So, fellow English speakers and "Native"'s a little counter protest of our own: No Spanish on 1 May. None. Nothing even remotely Hispanic. No Taco bell, no Nachos and don't buy or do business with ANYONE who can't speak the language CLEARLY. This little street works BOTH ways...let's prove it.
In another sort of related piece of B.S. the national anthem...OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM...will be performed in Spanish to further the "you will love and accept us or else" plan. So let's follow the example that the last group who tried this got (the homosexual political agenda): beat em all.. with the biggest stick ya got.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

F*ck Earth Day!

...let me make myself perfectly and concisely clear when it comes to "earth" day......F*CK EARTH DAY!!!
I LOATH days like this. Special interest group generated, self serving, pointless and pretentious "celebrations" where people who don't give a crap every OTHER day of the year suddenly become "earth friendly" or "gia concious". And as for "gia"'s called Earth you wing nuts. I don't live on gia, I live on Earth...YOU might live on gia; the imaginary world where drilling in the ground constitues popping a giant zit...but I live on Earth where we will do what we do until the Earth itself will shake us off like the fleas we are. Get a life you tree hugging f*ckwads!
In other news, gas prices are on the rise because... (throws dart at spotted owl)... "fear" of terrorism. I say again boys and girls, what other business in the world can raise prices because it MIGHT lose money later? What a great country.
I went and saw "V for Vendetta" finally...VERY very worth it! If ever a people needed some inspiration to fend and ANSWER for themselves, it's the U.S. as it stands today. THIS is the movie that might wake some people up and send them on their own journey to better what we have. The country is barely 200 years old, the government even more so, and only WE can fix OUR government kids. Wake up.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Looks like the immigration issue is the hot topic de jour these days. There's even one school here in Colorado that won't let kids wear or display any "American flag and/or propiganda" in fear that it might come across as "insensitive" to the "plight of our "undocumented aliens".
Let's get something straight right now; if you did NOT go through the LEGAL process of entering in and/or becoming a citizen of THIS COUNTRY...then you BROKE the LAW and you are (ergo) ILLEGAL!!! Saying "oh, when you call us illegals it makes us sound like criminals" IS TRUE! You ARE a criminal IF that's how you got here. I don't care where you're from!
And before any of you start sending me hate mail about how I must be a bigot: I'm hispanic. No, not "latino" (if you remember from my other rants I don't call myself latino because I KNOW who my father was!). I don't care if you're from Mexico, Brazil or any of the other underlying countries...unless you went through the LEGAL process YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL and YOU ARE A CRIMINAL. My only complaint is that all we're doing is sending you back so you can try again. I say when you get home you should be jailed, not helped to try again.
And while we're at it, let's not forget that some of the people coming here ILLEGALLY are themselves CRIMINALS in their own country and are simply coming here for MORE "opportunity".
So let's stop all the politically correct symantic crap surrounding this issue. It's hot and it's "now" and everyone's talking about it. Let's just make sure we're calling a spade a spade and get back on topic!