Gibson's Grotto

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sheep hunting and tax abuse

So let's see, what's been going on...
Well, someone decided to go "sheep" hunting at the local New Life Church. The "attacker" was a disgruntled former zombie worshiper himself, who apparently didn't score high enough in the internal "who we gonna molest today" pool to be allowed to stay. Now, the odd part is (among other things) that there was someone there who wanted to take the guy out, Rambo style. He was thwarted and has since been "banished" from the ever friendly honey cult hide out. Subsequently, his name has been pretty much stricken from just about any news report concerning the oh so short kill list. Interesting.

We won't even go in to the fact that the girls killed were oh so jebus fearing and "pure", only to be whored out by the church they attended in order to bring numbers up. Me thinks it may be time to see why so many good people are so mad at new life ;)

In other zombie worship related news, it seems that the events at New Life Church have prompted other cult leaders to start having UNIFORMED LOCAL POLICE OFFICERS at the church. Allow me to be the one (but hopefully not the only one!) to point out that CHURCHES DON'T PAY TAXES AND SHOULD NOT BE BENEFITING FROM THOSE OF US WHO DO!

How about they just put some fellow sheep outside and have them pray the bullets and bad guys away? How about they put some of their lawyers outside and threaten to boycot the gunmen? Maybe that will help?
And speaking of boycotting, "The Golden Compass" has been the victim of the talking heads and their campaign to stamp out free thought. Telling their sheep to not see it, not let their kids see it (or anyone else's kids for that matter) and what ever you do...DO NOT let them read the books their based on. I'm not surprised though, this campaign worked so well against the Harry Potter series, why NOT try it on this one? I'm also not surprised they don't like the story...can't have something that points to the truth (the compass itself) and not be making money from it. Last but not least, their's little Zoey 101. Apparently the number stands for the number of times Disney will try to churn out yet another future tramp disguised as good 'ol wholesom Americana. I love it when they get so much pubecent egg on their faces :) Especially with such a "I'd hit that" factor on it.She's California, she's WAAAAAAY overdue for molestation by now isn't she? Maybe we should check at home and see if someone's already had some of that?
Enjoy your zombie birthday worship and your other HaniKwanMas...or whatever excuse you use to take the day off and make yourself feel better.