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Friday, February 24, 2006

don't cheer for yahoo just yet...

...recently, Yahoo (the bastian of civilized online culture that it is) banned the use of allah in usernames and emails. This was done to prevent "hate speech" (I guess my attempt to sign up as allah-takes-it-in-@ss is shot huh?) and NATURALLY the usual maggots are crying foul. The local members of the 'religion of peace' are saying that it's an attack on muslims and it's discriminatory in nature. Hey, if they want to create an email addy called "JewsLie" then go for it, but don't get pissed because the infadels are more creative than they are.
Sadly (or thankfully?) Yahoo has reversed it's position, another clear sign of how you can scream allah in a burning theater but you can't have the ten commandments in a court house. Isn't life grand?


Monday, February 20, 2006

burn em...

...I heard an interesting comment last night, concerning the church burnings: let em burn. And when they DO burn, they're not allowed to call for the fire department. When these TAX FREE structures are set ablaze, remember kids that the fire department is for those of us that PAY guys can sit back and pray for rain.

nuff said


Saturday, February 18, 2006

image test

Monday, February 13, 2006

oh crap...

...this is the time when some panic because they're required by their social peers to show signs of affection...PUBLICLY....oh dear gods, what ever shall we do!?
this time of year cracks me up. people spends oodles of money and time doing something that they should be doing all year long. Like mothers day, fathers day and independence day...these are not holidays that should have to wait for a particular hallmark card or theme to participate in. Do them as often as you can and as well as you on that cold, calm day when a runaway poodle is flung from a passing unicycle and hits you in the head and kills'll have no regrets. You never know that you'll have the chance to say "I love you" tomorrow, so do it today kids.
In other news, NYC is currently getting the s*it slammed out of them snow wise. I remember being there in '77 and THAT storm was supposed to be the worst...until now. Man I wish I was still there for that. It was a blast to see that much commerce come to a screaching halt for a short time.
Have fun kids, and keep warm.


Friday, February 03, 2006


...ask yourselves this noble web slingers; when did it become wrong to hate? Politicians and special interest groups (oh, and don't forget the souless lawyers) use the word in all sorts of legistlation. "Hate Crimes" are some of the most feared next to drug related ones (ALL crimes are hate related you drones! Hate against women, against the "system", against humanity, etc). "Hate" related web sites are banned by not only the providers, but the people who hunt them down and SHUT them down...because they "hate" the hate sites ironically. You can't even say you hate something in public without some closet tree hugger springing from the closet infering that hate is "kind of a strong word isn't it?"
YES! That's why some of us still choose to use it damn it!
When did the politically correct pole smokers decide that only things that can be said about anything is stuff that won't convey anything negative? Oh wait, I know when...when YOU all decided that you were going to allow political correctness to run your lives and dictate your feelings!
NOW it gets even better. Some of our middle eastern overly sensitive types have their collective panties and turbins in a bunch because a cartoon was run...ya, I said a cartoon...that depicted more of these "peace lovers" in a negative fashion. Ironically, today they're living up to EVERY stereotype mentioned by everyone in every cartoon or clip that's ever made fun of them.
Am I the only one who remembers that we're at WAR and that during WAR time you HATE your enemies?! Even better; our ENEMIES can chop of the head of their captured (and Geoneva Convention protected) enemies, they can call to other cock roaches like them throughout the world to join them in their battles long as we don't offend them.
Who the F*CK is fighting this war? Us or the media?
But I figured it all out kids...I know how we can win this war. It's quite simple and it's been proven that it'll obviously work by OUR ENEMIES.
We put a giant speaker on a helo and fly over the entire region (after pulling our guys ALL out first) and announce that we're going to begin to open fire on anything over a meter tall housing muslim "life" in it regardless of age, afilliation or gender with pig blood laden bullets that will be carried and fired by bible thumping klan members. THEN, we further announce that everyone else in the world will be issued an "Alah takes it in the ass" t-shirt and drop a few extra ones on all the mosques (sp?) of the world...right before closing them down and turning them in to strip joints. Finally, we drop a few million porn pics covered in USARMY issue man juice on every "school" in the area with a written invitation to feel free to participate in anything they see in the pictures with their immediate family members or livestock, whichever CUMS first!
They'll all spontaneously combust and explode purely from their own level of offense. POOF! One big sweaty, curry smelling puff of dark smoke later...the rest of us will be safe.
Just to make sure we've got it all covered, we use some rockets to launch the ACLU headquarters building in to space above them and (after low yield nuclear detonation) make sure it forms a giant cross and jewish star over the land. What ever survivors are left will have to remain in the caves like the roaches they are lest they be offended and spark right up.
That pretty much covers it :)
see. all better now.

I know I'm inviting all kinds of hate mail with this, but remember this kids; I embrace my hate. I'm ALLOWED to feel it and express it (in this, a civil and public forum). YOU (if you're bothered by any of this) do NOT have the RIGHT to NOT be offended. Nor do you possess the afinity to tell me that I can't feel what I feel just because it bothers YOU. I WILL and DO HATE my ENEMIES. I WILL and DO express that sentiment when ever I damn well please. No cartoon or parody in the world can express it as well as I'd like, but I'll take what I can get.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Seacrest eats it...

well, in THIS story (off FARK recently...I love those guys) a Jersey shock jock asks Seacrest straight up "are you gay?" which sends him off in a hissy fit and walking off the show.
Need we say more? You betcha!
Is it me or does this pole smoker look like Spicky Martin's younger long lost sister?
I just want to know what all the hype is over this butt pirate. He's got gig after gig landing in his lap and I haven't seen a lick (no pun intended...ok pun INTENDED) of genuine talent other than being on the mother of all suck ass reality shows. He sort of reminds me of Lindsey Lohan but only she ADMITS to being a cock biter.
so just remember, you purple triangle toting tele tubbie rejects, the next time you just HAVE to tune in and watch this closet queen you're helping to pay (and justifying) his/her/its salary ;)
am I homophobic? Hell no, I just hate the idea that if he is, he isn't "straight" enough to admit it because it might affect his paychecks. these kinds of guys are the best, the only one that DOESN'T know he's him.