Gibson's Grotto

Monday, November 06, 2006

well, well, well...

...looks like our secret fruity friend over at NEW LIFE CHURCH has gone and gotten himself in a wee bit o' trouble. Seems the LEADER OF THE ENTIRE EVANGELICAL group of zombie followers had a little "trist" with a male hooker and split a dose of meth with him (or two) before playing a game of "let's make believe we're actually Catholic".
The 'gentleman' who exposed him did it for all the right reasons; to let everyone know how much of a hypocrit you have to be to be so 'anti gay' and yet have THIS sort of life on the side. I love it when people in a position of 'power' get knocked off by their own urges. It reminds the others that they're human too, and if they screwed up in ANY way...SOMEONE out there knows about it ;)
Let's hope it sets a trend and we get many more people coming out to 'expose' the truth behind the pios :D

Thursday, November 02, 2006

look, no armageddon...

...well xtian fundies, yet another Halloween has come and gone and look. The world didn't end. Little girls didn't go off to join orgiastic cults (like the church) and little boys didn't spontaneously combust because another holiday (that's growing in popularity and spending every year) that didn't involve JC came around. Woohoo! Ain't life grand?
John Kerry got his foot stuck in his mouth again, and people ran him over for it. Awsome, even his own party told him to 'sit this one out'. What's even funnier is to watch the Dems trip over themselves to say "that's not what he MEANT to say!" The party with no ideas somehow knows what he meant to say. Amazing. Well, since another shinning star in the dem party has their own definition of sex, I guess knowing what others somehow don't is what they do. Funny though how they never have anything to ADD!
I got a phone call the other night at home from MOVEON.ORG that I just relished. How they got my name and number I'll never know I'm sure, but as soon as I found out who it was I simply stated that " needs to moveon out". It was all I could keep from tearing this idiots throat out over the phone. What was he going to say to me that I haven't heard chanted on PMSNBC or CNN over and over again? That every dimwitted talking head floating around in the colleges these days hasn't already vomited forth in a public forum? Save it for the other zombies bud.