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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Missing kids...This time NOT in Florida

Hi blogettes :)
In my search of the strange but true (or at least rude) to blog about, I ran across THIS story: it's about a family that altered their child's picture to make her prettier so that people would run the story on the news.
Now, I know I've heard some of the Ethnocrats talking about how only pretty little blonde blue eyes white girls get on the news when they're missing. The media usually defends that with comments about how many children go missing every day and how they can only help so much. But, as with any good fairy tale, there's a twist.
Seems it's not the state of Tex-ass that's threatening to sue the family of the ugly duckling (she was, after all, the victim of a REAL crime)'s CNN that wants to sue...because apparently, the parents were RIGHT about how they only show the "barbie dolls" when they're missing! If you don't believe me, read CNN's comments at the bottom of the story. What a bunch of f*ckwads (but what do you expect from CNN?)
It brings to mind that poor little cheerleader lost in Aruba. The poor child (actually, the 17 year old larva of a rich brat) trapped in some foreign land (uhm, Aruba...they sent their teenage, blonde, white daughter to ARUBA...with other teenagers!) and abducted just hours before returning home safely (and after a night of partying and drinking and partying some more...where were the chaperones again? oh ya...the hand full of chaperones were trying to keep track of a mob of horny drunk teenagers in ARUBA!)...
Just breaks your heart don't it?


Friday, June 24, 2005

Think I'll go have a smoke...

ah...a nice relaxing self induced moment of sinful bliss that is lighting a smoke. Enjoying it's reality numbing and addictive effects for all it's worth and realizing with every orgasmic one is MAKING me do this.
Why the banter about smoking? Because I ran across THIS story on Larry Elder's site (while link browsing off other sites).
It's funny, some of the claims in there are not only insulting, they're flat out bu11sh1t! Personally speaking, I'd love to see who put together all these lovely claims about smokers and just how biased it was. If it's anything like the second hand smoke report BS that started the whole "hate the smokers" movement, then I need not question it's's CONFIRMED as BS.
Fellow smokers, read the article all the way through though. It's worth the read to hear the crap that the busy body health nazi's are pushing...unless you're a democrat...then you might not like what they have to say ;)

That pretty much sums it up doesn't it? :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

A dark, dark day for America...

People, today your property rights went up in smoke. As shown in THIS article, the "inalienable right" to ownership of property was just undermined for capital gain.
I'd put it in to words, but the guys over at P.I.G. have already manged to bottle my outrage and pour out the words that I can't right now.
Amazingly, the same people who I make fun of for wanting ozone protection over human rights, or the "save the animals: fuck the people" types are NO WHERE to be heard from.
Typical. Obvlivious and silent when the REAL issues show up!
Mark this day folks, because this will affect you eventually, one way or another.

PETA Lunacy prevails...

now THIS is rich...some PETA drones get caught killing animals they're supposed to have saved and their logic is thus, and I quote; "Did we euthanize some animals who could have been adopted? Maybe...The point is that good homes are few and far between. Our aim here was to stop them from dying an agonizing death."
So it seems to me that their "high standards" and requirements kept them from finding homes for these animals...ANY homes! So instead of trying harder or looking elsewhere (basically, instead of living up to their cult like charter) they KILLED THEM.
So since saving them from "dying an agonizing death" is good enough for them, it should be good enough for us, yes?
Come on! You just know that these PETA robots get their collective cherry @sses handed to them (and more I'm sure) when they (IF they!) go to let's save them the "agony" and just cut them down in the streets as soon as they "rear" their ugly heads ;)
After all, it's the only "humane" thing to do


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

tree hugging nut sacks!

ok, so get this. Some tree hugger, who shall remain nameless (aw's Frank Momberg of "Fauna and Flora International") says, and I quote: "To prevent a bigger disaster in Aceh, illegal logging must be stopped..."
What this human dung is referring to is the use of trees in the area of the Tsunami...that killed over 128 THOUSAND people by the rebuild homes. Yes, homes.
Yes fellow pigs, he was suggesting that cutting down of some f*cking trees is WORSE than the Tsunami that killed so many thousands of people in the same area. That cutting down trees to build homes for the uprooted and suffering is BAD.
NOW you know why most tree huggers should be left to their own devices...after being hog tied to their "loves", stripped naked and covered in honey and raw meat...they can be "ONE" with nature for as long as they like...or at least till the local wildlife arrive.

Hacktivism :) more power than originally thought.

Hey fellow speed bumps. Check this little snippet out. Apparently, hackers have been empowered more than they originally thought. At least, that's what I got out of this. Unless this guy is just trying to justify his job :) Found originally on SLASHDOT.ORG
An anonymous reader writes; "SecurityFocus published an interview with Marcus Ranum, the inventor of the proxy firewall. It's an interesting reading, and the end is even better: Truly, the only people who deserve a complete helping of blame are the hackers. Let's not forget that they're the ones doing this to us. They're the ones who are annoying an entire planet. They're the ones who are costing us billions of dollars a year to secure our systems against them. They're the ones who place their desire for fun ahead of everyone on earth's desire for peace and the right to privacy."
Wow! I didn't know hackers were THAT powerful. I thought that only happened in the satarized and chartoon like world of Hollywood. Pretty kewl. We should have t-shirts or something :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"War is peace," "Freedom is slavery," and "Ignorance is strength."

Those words were said to be carved on the halls of the "Ministry of Truth" in the book 1984.

Kids, I'd like to ask you to read something for me. Something I ran across while checking SNOPES and their latest posts. It's confirmed as true and (although it came from a Democrat...a "Regan" democrat I'd venture) I couldn't agree with it more if I'd said it myself.

My only other surprise is that someone in a political office had the "testicular fortitude" to actually SAY IT OUT LOUD. I'm doubly proud that after the fact, he STOOD BY HIS COMMENTS AND OPINIONS (which is the only true test of an opinion over a rant).

Read on, and if it bugs you...GOOD! It SHOULD bug you, bother you and offend you in to action...but not by protesting or letter writing...but by asking yourself "how much of this is right to me?"
If none of it's good for you, I'd suggest taking language lessons and leaning who your neighbors REALLY are.

Read on and WAKE UP.

Recognition :) sort of...

Hi goys and birls.
Looks like the fellow combatants over at P.I.G. got wind of my post on 6 June here at the grotto. They have seen fit to post some snippet of my ramblings on their internet parking spot and I for one couldn't be prouder to be associated with such fellow equal opportunity offenders as these. I should have plenty to rant about so long as I keep up with these guys.
The lackeys they use to hunt down these shining examples of human stupidity should get hazard pay.
Other than that, I have to get pics of the BATMAN BEGINS glass artwork on the site and update it. Riding is going well (haven't kill myself...yet) and it's starting to get nice and hot outside. Most people run inside and hide under their climate controlled environment, leaving me outside to enjoy the heat with fellow sun worshipers who know what this time of year is...NAKED TIME :) That's right kids, the time of the year where "clothing optional" suddenly doesn't sound like a bad idea, huh? :)
You know you wanna...just do it and shut up.
Classes are...well, classes- and about as exciting as that sort of thing can be.
Sky's still blue. Water's still wet and I'm still above ground...not bad.
Been down a lot recently. Probably because I'M BORED BEYOND BELIEF. Same routine, day in and day out. My soul's starting to implode...not sure what to do about it just yet. Anything that involves spending money's out of the question, since those fuck tards at the CSE have decided that I've had plenty to live on, now it's their turn to take a bit..."for the children"
Fuck the children.
Anyway, it's hot and I'm naturally I'm in a bad mood. I'd rather be outside somewhere...ANYWHERE!
Oh, in case you're wondering, here's the message to the P.I.G. cross post. Enjoy
On behalf of the entire PIG staff I want to thank you for your kind words about our irrational adventure on the information superhighway. If Al Gore knew that "his" brainchild would produce something as gleefully politically incorrect as PIG, he'd do the right thing and render himself room temperature.
For the record, "goof balls" is the nicest thing we've been called in a long, long time.
In fact, we're so tickled by your prose that we want your permission to print your posting about us in our PIGpen/Forum section. We're also open to a link exchange if that floats your boat.
We promise to do our best to keep you amply supplied in politically incorrect source material. It's a dirty job that we perform with considerable enthusiasm.

T. D. TreatExecutive Editor, The Politically Incorrect Gazette

...We just added your blog posting to our PIGpen page. You can find it here:
For our latest blithering on a variety of subjects I suggest that you check out PIG Prattle. There's a link to it at the top of our home page.
We also posted our weekly news digest this morning, so you'll have ample new material to get those creative writing juices flowing. The PIG News link is right below the PIG Prattle link on our home page.
If you like our style, tell a friend...Better still, tell a Korrectnik.

T. D. TreatExecutive Editor, The Politically Incorrect Gazette"

Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty? of ANYTHING? ya right...

Well, not that anyone's surprised by this...but Jackson's been found not guilty...of ANY charges.
So what have we learned today? That you should start telling your kids "go to school, work hard, make lots of NOTHING anyone ever charges you with will stick!"

Ah, only in Amerika

It's another sad day in the court systems people. Wear black and mourn the slow and painful death of justice, common sense and honesty.

Can't wait for someone to snap and "take care of" Mike personally.


Monday, June 06, 2005

PIG that I am :)

Allow me to introduce to you social wing nuts the new place to hang out (besides here of course...don't make me kill you)
If I had been much MUCH smarter, I would have come up with the POLITICALLY INCORRECT GAZETTE myself. Just to get you in the mood, check out their PIG PREAMBLE and you'll see what I mean. I can tell that between this site and TONGUE TIED, I'll always have some non PC stuff to rant on about :)
Thank the gods for goof balls like these!



Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Weeeee!!!!! :)

Well, I finally did it. I finished my cycle course and I'm licensed so... I got a bike. It's a red Honda Nighthawk CBR250. It's not the fastest or the biggest, but it's perfect for me right now. Got it for $1K from an ad in the local paper I was lucky enough to find. Oddly enough, it's the same bike I used during the rider training, so by the second day of the class I was getting quite the hang of it. The shifter is easier to get to on mine though. The one in the class has had some "use" over the years I'm sure.
The bike is in great condition. No leaks or apparently worn parts anywhere. Immaculate. The tires have some wear on them, but that's about it. Once I learn more about shopping for parts for it reasonably, I'll get on doing some touch up stuff (tires, fairings, some tiny chrome areas, etc).
I've taken it around the area for a few quick runs. Haven't ridden it to work yet or anything, but I'm sure I'll give that a shot soon. I'll drive the car via the path I'll take with the bike. Not sure how it will do on the highway just yet, but I'll give it a shot some early Sunday or something.
It reminds me of when I was a kid and would take my bicycle out for the hell of it. Just to ride it around. Go from here to there and see what new streets I could find. it's the same feeling :D
It's quite the blast and should make for an interesting summer.