Gibson's Grotto

Monday, January 30, 2006

hi kids...

...hey there. Let's see what's up in the wonderful world of Gibson...
Tomorrow's my birthday...38...
big wup.
I noticed that they're building ANOTHER church near by. Like this town needs another one. I don't get it. But then again, if I didn't have to pay taxes on anything my business does (yes, I said BUSINESS) I'd plop a new shop down ever chance I got too.
It's cold out, but not "wintery" just yet. We had some snow a while back, but it should really start to pick up soon. Seems to hit end of Jan, beginning of Feb around here anyway.
I had someone tell me over the weekend that they'll "...never use Yahoo or MSN search again because the government said they wanted to monitor searches people make and those two companies just handed their stuff over, no questions asked...". So the "black helicopter" types are apparently up in arms over all this. Google and a few others decided that they weren't going to play along, so now they're the favored in the magic bullet and "selective porn" community. I say woop-dee-doo. If the government wants to keep tabs on how many people want to see Brittney's privates, go for it. Our tax dollars hard at work. Apparently (like so many other things these days) the governments plan coincides with "for the children" plan de jour. I'm sure someone will start talking about how Google doesn't care about kids online safety or some crap and some bible thumper will grab that band wagon and drive it down the "boycott" trail. We'll see.
Other than that, not much going on. I think I got the comments problem fixed on here (again). Maybe now I can actually see comments that have been left.
Life goes on...later kids


Friday, January 27, 2006

Trampling each other?! Oh cool!

THIS story on FOXNews talks about a VERY FUNNY on air skit that takes advantage of the infidels in the sand box trampling each other during a "religious observance". Yeah, I said each other and religious observance in the same sentence.
This is great! If we just have them declare more fun, family oriented "holidays" like this, we can just watch it on pay per view as they widdle down their own population and save us tax payers some precious ammo. Remember kids, ammo is life :)
The funnier part is that (naturally) someone got their hairy panties in a bunch and got "offended". How funny that they can threaten EVERY Westerner with DEATH, but when they kill each other and everyone (rightfully so) laughs their ass off...they're hurt. What a joke. Personally, I'd like to see this "holiday" observed here so I won't have to see it so filtered on the news. I'm thinking box seats and blimp cams.
And, in some local news, the "Coloradans for Marriage" (WTF?) are going to make sure the amendmant defining marriage in the state will be limited to one sentence (to make sure no one can get around their conservative and illiterate agenda). How nice. Some local group of anal retentive social wing nuts gets to tell YOU what marriage is. In a related story, the "Coloradans for less nosey assholes in politics" (a group which I just made up) has decided that the afore mentioned COM group will be boiled in their own ass juice then audited to reveal their church backing.
Back to you Marsha...


Monday, January 23, 2006

doesn't feel that bad to me?

Hi kids. According to some psychiatrist out there (as reported on the local news and radio) TODAY is the most depressing day of the year. Apparently because of the weather, holiday bills showing up, football season almost being over (the Broncos aren't going, so locally that may be true), new years resolutions starting to fall through, etc, is the most depressing day of the year.
I say the story sounds like bullshit and may actually create what they're reporting about. I'm only down because my birthday is coming up and that ALWAYS sucks. Also, I've got the THAT sucks
Other than that, I went and played bingo for the first time. It was actually quite fun (more so than I thought it would be). Might have to do it again.
I haven't sold my bike yet. I had one caller and they never called back so I'll rewrite the ad a bit and try it again. I'll keep you posted.
I watched "Family Guy: Stewie...the untold story" over the weekend. I LOVED IT. If you have a partially developed sense of humor, I think you will too.
And finally, I'm tired of hearing of "Broke Back Mountain". If I wanted that much of an "agenda" in my "entertainment" I'd watch Bravo or Lifetime...PLEASE don't waste your time with this movie.

TTYL kids

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Got a pair of Oakley "Thump" sunglasses/MP3 player (got it for myself for my birthday on the 31st...yeah, I know I'm early but screw it)

VERY nice. Should make for an easier time when riding my bike. Haven't tried them with my helmet on yet, but that's next.

uhm...besides that. not much else.


Monday, January 09, 2006

New Year, and?

Well, another year has begun. To tell you the truth, it's still all the same to me. IF, however, you "must" know what kind of resolution a social misfit like myself maintains it would be this (the SAME resolution I make EVERY year since I was 16...) "To do three things I've never done; To go to two places I've never been; To give something away I want to keep."
Sound kind of "Halmark-y" but it keeps life interesting every year. I'll keep you up to date on what those things are. Last year was easy. In the first catagory would be the bike, work and the unemployment office. The bike itself could cover most of the first catagory, what with learning to ride one, owning one (now two), disassembling it, etc. Work wise, that was a trip in itself ;) The second catagory would be some of the more picturesque side roads I've discovered since then. Beautiful scenery and places. The last catagory would be the laptop I had that I traded for the second bike. I could EASILY have kept it, but wanted the bike so...there you have it.
In other news, I got a call at home last night from the local democratic office concerning the '08 elections. Looks like the desperation is evident early this time.
Also, a PETA boat is bitching up a storm in the news because they were "intentionally rammed" by a Japanese whaling fisher...this was of course, while they were doing their "thing" (crossing the path of the whaler to hold up signs and complain).
I say, ram them then drop chum in the water to help the sharks find them THEN, drag what's left of the carcasses aboard and tie them to the bow to "deter" the next raft full of morons.
And finally, MATCH.COM got busted for faking dates for people who's memberships were about to expire. Considering the wholesome (and I'll bet "christian") image they try to portray themselves as, this is not only fitting but it should have been expected. I hope they drop off the face of the internet as fast as they popped up.
I'll talk to you kids soon!