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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

still up

Well I'm up for New Years watching BRAVO (which by the way, is the GAYEST channel I've ever come across...for SO many reasons. Before you start calling me a homophobe or this freakin channel! it's amazing! they should just call it the AGENDA channel)...anyway...and they're playing "the 100 scariest moments in movies" and I'm so saddened that they only play it once a year. They're following up this year the "30 even scarier moments". This is so much fun! With the exception of the self involved, shallow as shit, less than human "idols" and "actors" talking about some cheesy and gory and wonderful cinema, it's a blast. it's a shame that THIS is what passes for horror movies on Halloween night. I remember when you knew it was October just due to the simple fact that EVERY channel was playing horror at ANY given time ALL MONTH LONG! Ah, but gone are those days. What a shame that an entire generation won't know what that's like...maybe someday when we've driven the PC nazis to some secluded island...maybe then.

Oh, on another note; since we're house shopping these days we're watching some of these home shows and do it yourself commercial whoring channels (to learn something I hope) and I've began to wonder: is there some Hallmark "eco" holiday soming up or something? I swear if I hear "eco" this or that or "environmentally friendly" crap again, I'm going to start beating my own baby seals just to save the time and draw them out of the crowd so I can suck out their eyes and skull screw them.

ah, I feel cleansed.

oh brother...

...I heard today that obesity is being linked to cancer. Wiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?
So when all the other ploys to make the fat people go away failed they decided to go with "cancer" and the big seller. I guess hiding behind "...for the children" wasn't working out.
Are you people shitting me? So now some study (funded by some vegan network of psychopaths) says it's true...then it is?? What ever happened to personal accountability? Who the hell is the food police and how can we set them up on the receiving end of a pistol range??

Meanwhile, today is Halloween...the usual PC nazis are out and about (along with the xombie worshiping churches) trying to turn it in to "festival" time. Uh, no. If you're not going to celebrate Halloween (or as I like to call it...NEW YEARS EVE! And NO I'm not wiccan...those confused, ill informed xtian witches!) then you're not allowed to benefit from it in ANY way. Even if it is to just recruit more sheeple.

Lastly, looks like the whackos in Kansas have lost their case and have to pay up $11 million for protesting at a soldiers funeral. TOO FUCKING FUNNY!!! I hope it sets a precident for EVERYONE ELSE that they annoy to sue then to the ends of the Earth! Then, when they're all broke and sorry, we do what needs doing to them.
Power to the soldiers, power to the patriot guard, power to the 'non-believers' on this day!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fire bugs for human insects...

I've been watching the news and watching California burn...which is too funny. You'd think they would just ban fire and make it go away. Isn't that their tactic on everything they don't like? Ban it or make it hard to do so that it will go away on it's own? Why not do that with fire, oh and floods and landslides...maybe it'll all just go away.
Why not create a nice fire block by putting some more tree huggers and environmentalists in a pire to help keep the flames at bay? :)
After all it's half the reason for the fires, so it would be fair.

too much to say...

...but never enough time to commit it to the blog before something else comes by and pisses me off. For example, the iPhone Fan Boy tax..gotta love that. You rush to the store to buy yet another useless gadget you don't need (AND so you can brag to others how you stood in line for umpteen hours to get it) and then you find out that the rest of us can get if for less...and somehow YOU deserve to be compensated? You asshole, you deserve to be ridiculed for the fan boy tech whore you are.
Speaking of whores, why are Al Sharpton and the rest of his drones still walking around freely? If ever anyone should be launched into the sun in a rebel flag covered, rubber band powered rocket, it's this asshole. Amazing how he's quick to play the race card, in DEFENSE of racisim. Someone please volunteer the be the martyr and take this loser out. Oh, and the "jena 6" bunch? yeah, maybe a little genuine color free justice is just what we need around here.
In the mean time, there are real soldiers doing real work just trying to get back home. How about a little justice for THEM? How about someone give a crap about them BEFORE, DURING and WHEN THEY RETURN?? Shit, no matter how you feel about the politics behind what's going on...they're just trying to do their jobs. Let's take care of them kids.
But no, Brittney skank Spears steals the headlines by showing us her struggles to regain her children...who let this bitch breed? in all the masterbatory fantasies we've all had about her, none of them involved letting her spit out puppies. so pass them on to some other fantasy good 'ol Mike Jackson...I'm sure they'll be safe...the girls anyway.
I've really got to get back on here and bitch and moan more often. Some commentors are too quick to post without reading ALL the message...I've actually been considered a conservative by some of these human warts...I can be on some points, but to pigeon hole me on all of it is just lazy.
cya all in a bit, hopefully.