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Friday, July 29, 2005

Tell me again how this is HIS fault???

If you ever wondered if the "system" is biased, follow along on THIS story and tell me what YOU think (yeah, there's a comment button kids...use it! you KNOW you want to!)
I can see if it's kind of a "no tolerence" policy thing, but they never even CONSIDERED going after her (where were baby sitters like that when I was a kid??). They simply said "who pees standing up? ok, that's the guilty one!"
Bunch of man hating, estrogenical nazis!
It should be interesting that the mother is the one bringing up the point. Thank goodness too. If the kids FATHER had made a stink, they'd most likely charge him with hiring the baby sitter in the first place or something...
burns my hide when I hear of crap like this. Then you wonder why GUYS have to "take care of business" themselves (then be called "vigilanties")

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dig this little retard...

THIS moron has nothing better to do that take bad, fuzzy screen captures (from PMS NBC I might add...nuff said there) of the President and then make snide comments about the role of president.
Amazing. Want to guess which side he/she/it may have voted on?
Feel free to browse the posts there. Most did what ALL democrats/liberals do...jump on the band wagon and talk sh1t.
Some, however, realizing the shame of such a sight coming from a supposed American made their opinions known (yours truly being amongst them!)
These people are tards...useless and angry little scabs of souls that should be put down before they do any REAL damage. It's people like this that make it so easy to hate the entire party they deny standing for.
Like I said in one of my posts (on the site) "It's focusing on STUPID little things like this and trying to make them a big issue all the democrats/liberals have left? wow, keep up the good work. we'll be a republican house for a looooong time :D"

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Spicky Martin

Greetings. I thought you'd find this story as funny as I did. It seems Spicky Martin is a prime example of what's wrong with these lefty media "icons". He decided he's going to "...raise everyone's awareness of the Arab stereotypes..." (as if we DIDN'T know about em!) but forgot to learn to read Arabic before starting on his crusade (pun intended).
Hope you enjoy the story :D


Guess they were right...

...rememeber not too long ago there was a commercial about how buying drugs helps terrorists? Well, apparently they were more right than they thought. THIS story talks about that dirty piece of human waste Ben Laden and how he tried to buy drugs to poison thousands more than were killed on 11 Sept.
Even the drug lords, who care about nothing else but money, wouldn't help him!
And you liberal piece crap heads thought he didn't hate us, that it was all about oil...shame on you ;)

In other news, seems like good old Jane Fonda is going on an anti war tour. TOUR?? Who cares, right? She's a has been. But the funny part is that she'll defend herself when someone has the NERVE to ask her about her anti AMERICA sentiment and say she's being blackliste or stereotyped, then she pulls this from her wrinkly @ss...go figure. They were right too ;)

Two for two kids...still think you're on the right side?


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You're kidding, right?

I ran across this snippet while frolicking through the news pages and couldn't believe what I was reading. It's not bad enough the took the latest Star Wars and tried to wrap it up in a liberal bow. No. They have to see what THEY CAN SEE in ANYTHING that might get whatever useless message they have across to everyone else. Read on, and you'd better be as disgusted as I was...or you're one of 'em!
Actor Tom Cruise might not have known it, but in his new movie "War of the Worlds" he's playing someone that the film's screenwriter thinks represents the Iraqi insurgents. Screenwriter David Koepp, quoted by the Canadian magazine Rue Morgue, said, "…the Martians [in the movie] ... represent American military forces invading the Iraqis, and the futility of the occupation of a faraway land is again the subtext." And, in an interview with USA Weekend, Koepp said, "You can read our movie several ways. It could be 9/11 paranoia. Or it could be about how U.S. military interventionism abroad is doomed by insurgency, just the way an alien invasion might be."
These nitwits think they can understand the horror of war (lest we forget, this IS a war!) and have someone else package it up for them to display. How about this view then liberal turds?
What if the martians represent the enemy that already exists among us, feeding off the hard working Americans who are just trying to take care of their own families? Who's that you say? Well, they were dug in deep and only arrived clandestinly with a great sh1t storm as the distraction to their invasion and the impending doom.
You figure it out @ssholes!

On another serious and more sad a note; James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) passed away today. We'll miss you Scotty.


Monday, July 11, 2005

forsake THIS buddy!

Sean Hannity has been known to posture and grand stand on issues. He's also been known for driving an interview in a biased direction and for being one of THE most conservative hosts in TV history...
...that being said, THIS was GREAT! This little weezel of a "man" deserves every second of this interview. What did this little creton think? That he was going to put a web site like his up and no one would say anything mean? That he'd NEVER have to defend his position? That he could say anything he wanted to and people wouldn't say "Hey! You little Sh1t! Just who the hell do you think you are? You wouldn't survive 5 minutes in the Girl Scouts, much less the military who defends your right to sling your BS!"
Ah, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just to watch this guy squirm. Now, if only a lone taxi driver would see this guy crossing the street and think to themselves "yeah, I can nail him from here!"
Ah, to dream!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

fun fun fun...

Hope you all had a good Independance Day...and now, on to the freaks!
Follow along and play the home game, some of these are good ;)
THIS story is about how a black man killed a white woman simply "...because she was white". Well, well, well...where's the voice of the ACLU now? Where's the NAACP and their nagging need to make everyone equal? If the colors were reversed, I'm sure we'd hear from them clearly. Hmm?
Then there's THIS little nugget, how some of the social scum here are trying to push their politically correct ethnocrap agendas on other places, who thankfully, aren't taking it quietly. Hey Rev. Sharp-toon, got anything to say about the above story??
And finally, we have THIS bunch of mental lug nuts who are making a museum of creation. A what???
Too funny. I always thought their entire belief system belonged in a museum.
I'll let you kids do your homework and remember, extra credit for beating the tar out of anyone who agrees with any of the above stories :D

have fun, and swing hi!