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Saturday, August 19, 2006

THIS is an interesting article that suggests (through "detailed studies" no less) that "organized" religion and antisocial behavior go hand in hand like priests and little boys.

Interesting to read, all be in a bit one sided, but interesting none the less. My only problem with the site (from what appears to be an athestistic group) is that they capitolize "god", in the proper grammar...especially if you want to acknowledge the traditional Judeo-Christian theology.

Sort of ironic, no?

Meanwhile, in THIS story a group of lesbians stab and beat the snot out of some moron who decided he was a little miffed that one of their party refused his "advances". Now, while I applaud them for taking care of business I have a concern; At one point because the man spit, hit and insulted one of their group...the "girls" decide that it was a "...hate crime". But beating this straight, heterosexual man wasn't? He can technically claim the same thing, though he'd be guilty of inciting the whole thing in the first place because they made it a point to bring it up. Let's see who has the most in their collective legal fund.


god the atheist and angry muff divers?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

attention whores and keystone cops

So the Ramsey killer has been "found". Wow, maybe O.J. will finally find his tormentor too. And while we're at it...Elvis was the second shooter on the grassy nole.

Anyone else getting the feeling that this guys knew just enough about the case to get out of spending the rest of his natural life in a PMITA Singapore prison for being a freak??

What's even funnier was listening to a statement released by ONE of the Ramsey lawyers saying something to the effect of "...we respect the legal system and we'll wait and see what happens..."


Am I the only one who remembers what a cluster f*** the original investigation was? How the Ramseys managed to dodge and sidestep and half answer questions at THEIR convenience? If that had been my daughter, the entire town would have been brought in for questioning, after they finished investigating ME that is. But no, their "elite" status managed to allow them to get a lawyer (or two or three) and a publicist before they answered ANY questions....a PUBLICIST??

Then let's not forget the ineptitude of the investigating officers, or as we here in Colorado call them...the Keystone Cops. Saying "if there was a dog wanted for questioning, they'd arrest every cat in town" is still indicative of what the rest of Colorado (and the U.S. for that matter) thinks of the Boulder Police department. Boulder has always been 100 miles of B.S. surrounded by reality anyway, but after this case...well, let's just say if OJ has "taken care of business" there, there wouldn't even have been a chase. MJackson might consider getting a job baby sitting there, no one would blink twice ;)

Personally, even if this guys IS guilty of the murder, the parents will ALWAYS be guilty of whoring their daughter out make themselves feel better. Saying that "[her mother] was aware of a pending arrest..." might justify why she died at all; the final escape for the real killer. Thank goodness daddy is still here. Someone should be made to suffer in this little girl's stead for what her ENTIRE family allowed to happen to her. They should have just named her "bait".


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

updates and mythology and rememberance

Hi kids, I've been meaning to get on here an update, but you know how life is (those of you that have one, email me and let me know what it's like.)

Let's see...where to begin:

Well, during all this catch up time I actually got around to updating my site as well, so whoopdy-doo. Mostly on the ART and LINKS page. I did get featured in the local paper under the heading: "Charitable artiest makes theater sideshow". Kewl. I'm an artist. Do I get to me moody and tempermental now?

I've been watching the whole "born different" campaign in TV ads and now on radio. The whole idea is stupid. I've seen the "science" behind the idea that people are born gay. Here's my problem with it: it's B.S. Simply and clearly put. When you're born, you have only one sexual predisposition: to have some. Eventually your hormones kick in and you want to get "busy" with someone (or yourself). Your entire life up to that moment is what determines where and with whom you want to "mate" with (let's not forget the genetic predisposition to procreate here). So your sociology is what dictates your sexual preference. Family, experience, even religion...THAT all has more bearing on your preference that how you're "born".
Now, speaking specifically about the born different ad idea: it's stupid. The idea of a dog mooing makes the whole idea of birth preference as mythical as the dog. Sure, they're using the cute element to get their idea across (because the emo boy complaining about political issues he can't spell just doesn't have the same effect) but it's annoying. Now move on to the radio ads and listen to all these 20 something talking head puppets talking about "let the puppy moo". Sure, let him moo, but stop telling us that he moos as all! If I like to look at naked pictures of B. Arthur while I dress in a Roman toga just to get off, do YOU want to know that? I bet you don't. So why do I have to know what gets someone's nut just to accept them as a fellow citizen? I'm tired of hearing about what gets peoples motors going in order to be able to speak with them on more important issues.
My favorite is the moron who has the nerve to say "I don't think anyone chooses to be who they are..." WTF?? Are you kidding me you idiot? Are you that much of a tool that you honestly believe that?! Of COURSE you control who you are (unless you're a democrat that is). You are the only true and genuine final authority of who you choose to become. YOU. You are responsible entirely for what you hold high in YOUR list of personal priorities, you jackass! The fact that they ad makers decided to leave that comment in shows me that the entire idea for the campaign is stupid and pointless. Let them push their political agenda some other way.
Besides, the only reason they're trying to convince us all that they're "born" that way is so that they don't have to answer for their own decision to do it.

The war between Israel and the Hezblah! rages on. I for one commend them for finally pulling their boots up and saying "that's it, I'm gonna kick your ass". I wish we had the testicular fortitude to do the same, and not just with terrorists and the countries who harbor them. Let's grab the tree huggers by their collective scrawny malnurished throats and say "we're drilling locally and you and the damned spotted owls can kiss our ass!". Then let's turn our attention to the borders...ALL of them...and say "due to the inability of others to live by our laws, America is closed until further notice. Get your welfare and free healthcare from someone else...hey, France is looking for more people!"

And remember kids, it's not a war until France surrenders

Speaking of war, I went to a special advanced screening of "World Trade Center" last night by Oliver "my way" Stone. I have to tell you kids, it was VERY moving. I was a weeping baby for most of the movie. In the parts where I wasn't crying and feeling every moment of the movie, I was remembering that fateful day on a personal level. I didn't go see "Flight 93" because they made sure to tailor that movie so as not to "offend" anyone. "WTC" doesn't make such apologies and doesn't even try. It's all about the horror and heroes of that day. I identified most with the marine who saw what was happening, packed up his stuff, left his job and went to HELP! How I wish I could have done the same.
If you get a chance, GO SEE THIS MOVIE and let it remind you how you felt that day all over again. It's worth remembering, keep that in mind.