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Monday, April 21, 2008

More BS...

So I've been watching all this hubbaloo about the polygamoy (sp?) case in Tex-ass and I've noticed something. No, not the obvious inpetitude of the child "protective" service down there, biting off more than they can chew. Not the glorious omission of common sense that the zombie worshipers showed when moving out of Utah in the first place. Not even the "little house on the prarie" fashion show that goes on every time they're on the news. It's the man hating going on that's got my testies all bunched up.
I actually caught an ABC News (I know, that's an oxymoron) "reporter" asking the in depth (and all telling) question; "When will the children be returned TO THE MOTHERS?"
Wiskey, tango, foxtrot? Over??
Excuse me for thinking for myself and being just a little biased here but...if someone came over and said "ok ladies. your zombie calls for your brainwashed asses to hand over your females, especially the young ones"...would YOU just hand them over to be used? Ya, me neither. So the vintage wearing drones are JUST as guilty as anyone else when it comes to this case. But honestly, anyone OVER 18 at that fuck cult should be held accountable REGARDLESS OF GENDER or it'll stand as more proof of the cock blocking and dick hating that goes on within the "state" offices. Fuck heads that they all are.
Break out the crayon and peel off some skin and jot this down kids...when EVER you hear that something is going on "for the children"...break out the Scooby kit and snoop around at what's really going on behind the curtains.
Let's get in to something else winding me up shall we? Recently the local "news" here reported that there are more motorcycle accidents being reported this year than "ever before". Trying my best to ignore the fear mongering that the news has been simmered down to these days, lets dwell on the bullshit that most of these statistics seem to seep from like puss from a mental pimple.
Since there are MORE riders these days, there will - by proxy - be more accidents. Now let's ask the important question; how many of these potential road kills were speeding, drinking, high, or just plain stupid? Those shouldn't count in these figures. It's called natural selection and NO ONE SHOULD MISS THEM unless there's a free seat on Jerry Springer. Finally, being a cruiser rider myself, if any of them met their fate while whizzing down a 55MPH road at say, 90...then fuck 'em...with a big chrome plated piece of the piece of shit they were riding around on. Those things are made to operate best at high speeds. Couple that with the obvious low IQ and self esteem issues stemming from that particular summer in the woods with uncle Bob and his "trick pet" and you've got the makings for some high speed street pizza.
I believe it was one of Denver's infamous B boys who recently smeered their worthless brains on the road here in Colorado Springs off hwy 115. Who's going to clean all that asshole mush off the road? It can't be good for the local vultures to feed on that much moron. Think of the children folks?

Finally, the "election" is still doing what it does. Actually, come to think of it, it's ending up a lot like that B Boy moron who didn't understand what physics means. It's a wreck. But what bugs me is that they're making it seem like these two clones are actually running for the presidency now! They do realize that this is just for the Dem seat right? Who ever wins (like it matters) has to run up against McCain right?
Remember McCain? The guy who's running who reminded everyone that those of us who went out and got a house THE RIGHT way (you know, hard work, reading the entire document, etc?) should not be expected to bail out the Survivor watching retards who figured they'd just flip the house "like on TV" and make a break to Seattle and buy Starshmucks ?
Why don't we put them on a rice rocket and see what happens? :)

Have fun kids.
OH, and apparently a post I did on why earth day sucks is #1 when you look up "screw earth day"...not bad huh?

Earth day STILL sucks and is nothing but bullshit... but you've heard all that before. I think I'll turn everything in the house on, burn some baby seals, and drive an SUV over to McDonalds, buy a burger and throw it at a vegan. Actually I "celebrated" it by cutting down a tree in my backyard. NO. I'm not kidding.
Ya, that's how earth "day" should be celebrated.

later kids.

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