Gibson's Grotto

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


...I'm back from "vacation" (translation: down time...nothing to do...perfection) and all looks normal in the world. Democrats are still fighting for the right to...fight. Zealots left and right are going at it over the same issues as always and the nut jobs are out in bloom.
On the lighter side of things, I finally got the radiator cover (chrome) for the bike and it's looking quite sweet. Next step: windshield. Now if I want one of those that looks like a police riot gear shield, then I'll have to spring and extra $150 down for a "light hardware relocation kit" (doesn't that just sound painful?) or I could get a stock one from Kawsaki for the entire $150. Decisions, decisions. We'll see what the Father's Day fairy brings :)

other than that, the sky's still blue, water's still wet and the world's still flat :)


Friday, May 19, 2006

No such thing as Bad Publicity...

So as we're all aware, "The Davinci Code" (which did so well as a book by the same reviewers) is being chopped up and spit out now that it's a movie. As we all know, movie reviewers love their jobs and know what's best for us all when it comes to plopping down our hard earned $5 to $10 to see their latest foreign, anti American, gay melodrama. That being said, the "church" is making sure to make a bit to-do about it, asking their fellow cult members to "ban and protest" the viewing of the movie by the rest of us (who by the way, may find the ENTIRE idea of their "prophet" nothing but FOLKLORE!). As we know boys and girls, church bans worked SO well on the other seldom heard of movies they've tried it "Stigmata", or "The Last Temptation..." or what was that other little one? Oh ya, "The Passion..." (which they found too..."violent" for their tastes). Hypocrits.
Let's all remember why they're pissed; it's all about one book of fiction picking on ANOTHER book of fiction! More so, they're pissed that it may portray that this guy actually had a wife AND "got busy" with her (blasphemy!). I guess if Jesus had grabbed a little boy or two and played a Michael Jackson, they couldn't protest too much now could they? But a female!? How dare they.
Anyway, the great wall of Texas might actually go up to keep the illegals out. My only concern is that they'll need illegals to build it. Sort of kills the mood, ya know? :)

TTYL kids,