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Sunday, April 22, 2007

screw earth day and VT "heros"

ok kids, you know how I feel about Hallmark holidays in general...but "earth day" is one of the few that gets my goat each and EVERY time. The very thought of a single day a year "dedicated" to "saving the planet" is even more annoying than the zealots who shout this mantra the rest of the year. It's BULL and ALL the events surrounding it are BULL! It's so disgustingly conceited to think that anything WE as humans do could do anything more than annoy the environment (oh, and let's not even get into the wicca based GIA crap...there's a stomach turner for ya). When the "earth" becomes bored of us it will simply shake us off like so many fleas. And if one more tree hugging, baby seal screwing, hemp wearing moron calls something "organic" I'm going to slit their throat and drink their blood with my corn flakes!
EVERYTHING is organic you shit4brains! Even PLASTIC...unless it came from deep's ORGANIC!
Now, on to the "tragedy" at Virginia Tech. What the shooter did was naughty, yes. There's no disputing that. He should have simply had the balls to leave a long winded nonsensical note pinned to his twisting body as it flapped in the breeze from the noose he should have made and USED at home. That being said, he decided to go in to a gun free zone (where he wouldn't have to worry about anyone returning fire to defend themselves) and pick off a few prudes and preps to make sure we never forget him (like the droning people still do on and on and on about Columbine here in Colorado).
What's really bothering me about it all is the "courage" and "heroism" they keep talking about.
There were three people involved at VT; The people who weren't in line of sight or out that day...we'll call them the lucky ones. The people who managed to avoid getting shot...we'll call them the slinky ones. And the ones who DID get shot...we'll call them victims because that's what they were. Victims (or casualties, if you want to get technical). That's it. The heroes are the ones who showed up ARMED AND WITH BADGES ON AND PUT THEIR OWN LIVES AT RISK FOR STRANGERS. That's it!
I'm tired of the media latching on to anything that ANYONE does or doesn't do and granting them titles for NOT getting killed. "...the COURAGE of the gold digger with one leg dancing on stage in front of America..." or the "...courage of some other superficial stick figure who "defeated" an "eating disorder"..."
SCREW THEM ALL and SCREW THE MEDIA for trying to sell that crap (and ANYTHING to do with global warming) to the Survivor and American Idol watching drones of our land.

Remember your REAL heroes kids, or you'll never learn to be brave yourself.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus sucked, but this is rediculous...

So Imus was let go for calling some people with nappy hair, "nappy headed" the "ho" part apparently is reserved for rap artists who have taken the liberty of breaking females in to two catagories anyway; ho's and bi-atches.
Guess what's good for the crow isn't good for the goose huh? (yeah, that was a color with it)
Amazing boys and girls. These idiots have let themselves fall victim to their own desire to offend NO ONE...and as a result, we lost a mediacore has-been who makes Dick Clark sound like Darth Vader in verbal skills.
Meanwhile, THIS A$$HOLE can say something like this and NO ONE reports it!? Why is that? Oh, and let's not even get in to Al Sharptonuge and HIS racist ass. The only reason this man and others like him are still alive is they'd be more of a pain in the ass as martyrs.
Pathetic, all of you...Yes Imus SUCKED but this was no cause to terminate him. For what? To appease some self involved pile of black people who can go around being racist themselves while at the same time accusing others of being racist? YOU'RE ALL a bunch of SOCIAL PARASITES...and should be put down as such.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tired of Global Warming scare tactics...

Am I the only person on the planet who's tired of the whole Global "warming" bull$hit out there? This is funnier than the whole debate over the burial of Jeebus. Same idea though; grasp on to an IDEA that can be PROVEN AS BULL$HIT but scream enough about it so it almost seems like you care. Amazing. It's even more annoying that certain political parties seem to be grabbing on to it to cover the fact that they have NOTHING to offer (concerning this or any other issue, real or imagined...they're too busy simply complaining)

I'm just tired of the BS. I've noticed for years that the problem seems to be pride: the seasons are changing, sure. But we're just pissed because when we were kids, Summer started "later" than it seems to now (oh, and you were younger and stupider then too). We're just annoyed that all those dollars we wasted on Hallmark calendars that say "summer starts here. winter ends here" are no longer right. So the only way around this is to say "we're all doomed" rather than admitting "oh look, mother nature doesn't always listen to us". know my answer kids...

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