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Monday, July 10, 2006

allah loving poser hack

Well, it looks like some little towel headed hacker wanna be is really shuffling in the sand this morning. He managed to hack a web Must be a master of technology there in his little hole in the sand.
ya right.
The Patriot Guard web site appears to have been hacked and an unflattering message left in it's place. On the OFF chance the email address left in the message was real, I left a heart felt reply (including the now infamous allah cartoons they love so much, just for good measure). Will the "hacker" see it? who knows, but I can only hope. Here's the message he left for us all, don't forget, as an emmisary of the "religion of peace".

In case you can't read it, it says:

"Fuck you americans...You don't deserve even a crap of shit! Your knowledge sucks in front of my wide knowledge...I'm your master! Israel should be wiped off the map and if you try to help them, you should too...Do not play with Iran (the most powerful country in the current and old world - see history -) So fuck off and do not count yourself something you are not!"

More than likely it was left by one of the mind controlled morons from that little "church" in Kansass, if they're even allowed to go on computers that is.
I'm sure the guys will have the site up in no time and do what they can to prevent this sort of crap in the future, but it's people like this (whom ever it was) who make locking and loading in the middle East all worth it.
In case you're curious, here's my reply message:
So, I guess you'll need a translator to read this email.
It must feel good to hack a web page (considering even my daughter can do that) just to make your point. It will get you ALL the attention you need, right? It's not like the Patriot Guard was attacking you or your "cause". We were supporting the families of our fallen soldiers. Nothing Allah the Useless would teach YOU right?
I was there in 1990 and I hope one of your sick brothers finally lets a nuclear weapon launch locally and turns your country into what it really is...a waste. The forgotten and the useless, that's what you all are. A burdon on the world since time long ago. We should have let the Russians wipe you all off the map as I hope Isreal soon does.
I hope the pig blood coated bullets find you as quickly as possible and I hope some of your "bretherin" find any females you may be lucky enough to keep at home and do what's needed.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

surprised? what are ya? new?!

Well, the usual collection of social lemmings is running around "surprising" everyone with the big shocker in the new "Superman Returns"... Lois' kid is his. Am I the only one who remembers the movie "Superman II"? I know it's creepy enough to think that he had sex with Margo Kidder (sp?) but in the end he kissed her to make her forget. Unless that was a "super abortion" kiss, she's STILL the most recent boink and that (if he was a virgin) almost certainly means that it's his kid. Who's surprised by this? Certainly not me, but apparently many are. Did they just do a memory dump of the past movies? Who are these people are why are they allowed to breed?

In other news, "Clerks II" is due THERE'S a movie worth watching ;)